ID Profile Picture

Ian Dorrell has had a lifelong obsession with Drum & Bass and Electronic music. The story began in 1992 when at this time ID heard rave music coming from his older sisters bedroom, this new sound instantly grabbed his attention. Captivated and amazed at what he was hearing, a year later at just 13 years old he spent every penny he had purchasing some Soundlab's and began to teach himself how to DJ.

A complete obsession...spending hours upon hours every day locked in his room DJing and turning up at Blackmarket Records religiously every saturday morning before it even opened, led to ID DJing endlessly at partys and clubs...the phone ringing every weekend with an event going down somewhere.

In 1998 ID was asked to join Flight FM and for the next 20 years he would go on to hold down a weekly radio show pushing the music he loves to a dedicated audience.

Notible venues played at include: Brixton O2, MOS, Area, Fire.

In 2005 ID bought his first studio equipment and started producing. Over the next 15 years he has been locked in his studio, honing his craft, producing hundreds of tracks and laying down ideas. All of which have barely been heard by anybody nor ever been sent to any label.

None of the music on this site has been heard by anyone but those limited few given access.

"His sound is all emcompassing and reflects all sides of Drum & Bass, which he loves so dearly."